Offshore trust accounts are a perfect way to protect one's assets from illegal IRS seizures. Offshore banks are not subject to any U.S. jurisdiction. They provide complete confidentiality and anonymity. You may be issued an International VISA credit card, with no credit check and no bills sent to you, so there is no paper trail. This credit card is also an easy way to access funds from your account. Take a serious look at this program; It is a great way to protect your assets, and also to supplement your income.

The following article appeared in the march 1994 issue of the Highlander Club Confidential Memorandum.


Today it is not uncommon to find blue-collar wage earners with offshore band accounts, asset protection trusts, and secret mailing addresses. It isn't because they are dealing in the international marketplace or doing anything illegal, immoral, or unethical but, rather, because they are seeking privacy and asset protection.

Today almost anybody can get your personal financial information, such as details of your credit card purchases, checks cashed, savings accounts, or other information that is routinely collected every time you bank or make a purchase. And gathering this private information on you is perfectly legal. To keep unwanted snoops out of their lives, many people are turning to offshore credit cards since the transaction records are not open to this type of snooping, and the assets used to secure an offshore credit card are generally outside of the reach of U.S. courts which can seize U.S. account balances while a lawsuit is pending. Often a person first learns they are being sued when their bank account is frozen - before the summons with the alleged claim is even delivered.

Our researchers have come across a rather unusual offering. The Prosper International League Ltd., based in the tax haven country of Belize, is offering a multilevel program that gives you access to an offshore secured Visa card which can be used anywhere in the world. It is completely confidential. No Social Security number, date of birth, or credit information is required. The amounts required to obtain the card are the lowest we've seen for an offshore card. They are selling it though a multilevel marketing program, instead of advertising it in the media.

How you can profit from this opportunity

For Highlander Club members, this opportunity can provide both privacy and an opportunity to earn money by introducing the concept to others.

The founders of the organization are Don Shaw and Earl Savoy. Don is 61, semi retired after nine years in the U.S. Air Force, and 29 years as a insurance agency manager and registered securities representative. He has a degree in business administration.

Earl Savoy, who is 67, spent 20 years in the Canadian Navy, retiring as a lieutenant commander. This experience was followed by 12 years spent selling mutual funds, investments, and insurance in Europe and then 16 years spent in the United States as a real estate broker and developer.

Day to day management of the Prosper International League is handled by David A. Jenkins, a retired British diplomat who is currently a director of Belize's largest tobacco company and a paint manufacturing company. Belize as a Profit Opportunity

The Visa credit cards are issued by Belize Bank Ltd. Owned by Belize Holdings, Inc., a holding company with banking and financial services operations in Belize as well as interests in telecommunications, electricity, and other Belizean industries. Belize Holdings stock is publicly traded in the United States on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The Belize Bank is the largest commercial banking operation in Belize, and is a correspondent of the Bank of America.

Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America, with a population of 194,000 people. The deep sea diving is believed to be among the best in the world; Belize is situated just below Mexico and to the east of Guatemala, on the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and embraces, on the east, a sprinkle of tropical islands.

Belize gained its independence from Britain as recently as 1981 - it was previously known as British Honduras - and retains many of the colonial features familiar in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Bananas, sugar cane, and citrus fruit are principal crops in this former British colony. Like many small countries dependent on primary commodities, Belize has recognized the benefits of introducing tax-haven services to boost its foreign income.


The only obligation is a one time $200 Prosper League membership fee and the sponsoring of three additional people, or purchasing 3 additional PILL memberships. This is a total of $800. The 1st $200 is the membership fee; The 2nd $200 goes to your upline; The 3rd $200 sets up your trust account; The 4th $200 is deposited into your account.

When either of these two conditions are met, your account will be activated with $200 in it. Once your account is activated, every new direct referral earns you $200; and every newly activated (not referred) account, 4 levels below you, earns you $40.


Your International Visa credit card will be issued with a $1,000 credit limit as soon as $1,100 may be transferred from your trust to an interest bearing collateral account. Your credit limit may be increased by transferring additional funds from your trust into your collateral account.


24hr. recorded message about program: (407)672-5643

Discuss the program with PILL by calling: (407)679-2959

Or fax: (407)672-5039

Live conference calls:

MWF - 11:00 PM est: (610)582-7400...1126...410

M&Sat - 12:00 PM est: (610)582-7400...1127...411


 State:___________Zip:______________Phone:(   )______________Fax:(   )_______________
 2nd Beneficiary:______________________________________________________Date:___/___/95
 I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this program and authorize the appointed
 Trustee to sign the settlement document.
 Sponsors ID#, name or Source:     1424     ID#__________________________
                                       	      (will be entered by PILL)
 1.  	All membership fees are sent to P.I.L.L. in Belize.
 2. 	The trust is activated when the applicant and 3 referrals each deposit a $200
 	membership fee.  $200 goes upline, $200 goes to set up the trust and $200 is 
         deposited into the activated trust.
 3.	P.I.L.L. earnings may only be transferred into activated trusts.
 4.	The member's trust receives $200 for each new member  sponsored directly, plus
         $40 for each new trust activated in the four level downlines.
 5.	A processing fee of 5% up to $10 shall be charged for all outgoing P.I.L.L. 
 6.	All correspondence and documentation must contain the member's ID#.
 7.	Monthly statements will show all earnings, charges and balances in the trust.
 8.	Membership will be confirmed when a faxed cop of the completed app. and the 
         $200 money order made to PILL. is received at 407-679-5039, and the originals
         have been mailed to and deposited in Belize.
 FAX BACK PROGRAM: Make copies of the application and money order made out to PILL, 
 fax then to (407) 649-5039.  Then mail the application and money order to P.I.L.L. 
 P.O. Box 401, Mile 49 Hummingbird Highway, Belmopan, Belize, Central America. 
 (50c stamp) Your ID# will then be faxed or called back to you.  You are now in business.  

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